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In the tradition of Modern design, all rooms feature minimalist furnishings and luxurious comfort. Regardless of the room type you choose, you can expect comfortable accommodations and personalized service.

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South Beach Edition

This is your guide to the best places to visit while in Miami Beach. As locals we spend our time at local spots. Locations in Miami can be very touristy and may not truly represent the essence of our city. South Beach can be difficult to decipher. Many places are tourist traps and unnecessarily expensive. This is the reason why we’ve put this list together. There are some great venues that locals visit that represent the true Miami and South Beach. You may see a celebrity or you may even run into one of the neighbors that usually hang out at the hotel.

There’s a lot to do while in Miami Beach and deciding can be tough and the best way to discern is to follow the locals. We’ve compiled this list of recommendations just for you. These locales are where you can feel as though you’re one of the residents that call our island home. One of Miami’s quirks is the ever-changing landscape, so make sure to visit our front desk for some extra recommendations. Good Luck on your explorations and Welcome Home!

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